How a New Roof can Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

As you know, here at Eden, we’re all about doing everything we can to turn your home into an outdoor oasis. Your home’s curb appeal isn’t just to impress the neighbors. It’s also about making you LOVE coming home and to feel good inviting your friends and family over.

This week’s article is about how a brand new roof can dramatically improve the curb appeal of your home and give your house that amazing extra WOW factor. My buddy at Fort Wayne Roofing Contractors ( helped me put this article together.

Installing a new roof can be one of the fastest, and most profound ways to give your house an amazing starting point for the rest of your exterior design. For example, with the right color choice, pattern, and style of roof, you can really make the rest of your landscaping look stunning.

In addition to adding curb appeal, a new roof has other uses as well.


If you’re home has a repetitive problem with water leaks, a new roof can act as a great weatherproofing agent against the rain, snow and sleet. Water damage in your home’s attic can lead to thousands of dollars in repairs. If you’re having any water damage, please fix the problem ASAP.

The Dangers of Rust

Additionally, if your home has a metal roof, any rust on your roof is not good. With modern, farmhouse designs the rust color may be in, but it never looks good on a roof and will always bring down the value of your home. Also, instead of trying to repair the rust spots, it’s always better to replace your rusting roof with a new roof.

Importance of Color Choice

To get the maximum value out of a new roof, you need to pay close attention to the color you choose. By choosing the right color for your roof, you will increase the beauty of existing exterior design and will give your overall landscape design a beautiful natural look.

If you are looking for a truly unique new roof then think about choosing a color other than some typical brown, grey and black colors. Use unique modern asphalt or metal materials for roofing, use attractive colors. The right color can increase both the beauty and overall exterior design.

Other Ways to Increase Curb Appeal

Although we specialize in roof installation, we wanted to share with our readers some other ways to add curb appeal to your house:

Front door painting

By painting the front door just add some curb appeal at your house. Just provide a new colour coat of paint at your front door. Every visitors sees first when they enter into the home. Also, by the front door painting the beautiful landscape adds to curb appeal.

New Exterior Hardware

Adding new hardware to your house is another great way to increase the curb appeal of your property.

For example, changing the door knob, your mail box, and your shutters so they match can add to your homes street appeal.

New Outdoor Furniture

New outside furniture or even just pressure washing your outside can add another level of appeal to your home. However, make sure you don’t pick any kind of furniture, you want to make sure you find quality furniture that won’t fade or rust with age. Also, look for furniture that matches the overall design and look you’re going for.

Install outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting isn’t just helpful to prevent you from tripping or falling when it’s dark. Outdoor lights can also improve the curb appeal of your house. Install outdoor lighting to brightening the way to enter the house.

Add a garden

To boost the natural beauty of your house just buy some beautiful plants and some flowers. Again, find plans that match the overall design pattern you’re looking for in a property. Get them planted and be sure to water them regularly.

Add a Bird Bath

By adding a birdbath in your garden helps to increase the outer beauty of the house. Birds love bird baths and attracting beautiful birds can really make your place look great.

As you can see, there are many ways to improve your home’s curb appeal, home value, and your love of your home.