7 Reasons Why Hiring a Moving Company Can Save You Money

Thinking of moving into a new home but always worried about how you can transfer your things with you? It’s a hassle driving your own car to and fro for miles, not to mention the weight of all the stuff you have to lift. You have to go through a lot of stress before indulging in the comfort of your new home. Well sure that’s not an easy task but there are people who can help you get the job done in a breeze. You will be having a long warm bath in your new cozy bathroom in no time.

There are a lot of moving companies you can choose from and they can guarantee you the best of their services.

These are the reasons why you should hire a moving company like Fort Wayne Movers (www.moversfortwayne.com):

1. Move Out Easily

When moving you have to do all the things yourself, or you can pay someone to help you out. However, some things could be of conflict especially when it comes to schedules. Hiring a moving company will sort everything out for you, just agree on a date or time and they will happily wait for you.

2. Keep Your Things Safe

Hiring a moving company guarantees that all of your belongings are safe. You will be provided with the personnel to pack and load your belongings quick and with great care. Not only that but they also take full responsibility if something breaks.

3. Complete Tools

Do you know how many boxes you’ll need in order to pack everything you own? Well, a moving company will take care of providing you the right equipment to get you moving.

4. Knows How to Handle Everything

A moving company will provide the right equipment and right measures for fragile items such as antiques, fine art, and many unique items that require special packaging. There are moving companies that are specialized in the transport of your delicate belongings.

5. Save Money

If you think that hiring a moving company can cost you a lot, then you’re wrong. Moving means you have to buy a lot of boxes that you will to use during the moving. You also need a transport truck to hire, then the loaders and lastly, hiring a driver that will move all of your belongings. That sounds like a lot of money. All of these expenses altogether is much more costly than hiring a professional moving company. Save your savings.

6. Quick Transport

If you’re thinking of moving all by yourself, you should be ready of the problems that lies ahead. Challenges such as carrying all the heavy things, workers to help you carry your things, a driver to help you pack, trucks and and of course transport. Moving companies evaluate your situation and come up with a solution to everything. If you have too much stuff, they will find a truck that will transport everything in one go.

7. Knows What They’re Doing

When packing and moving by yourself, you might break and damage some of your items by accident. A moving company will handle your things with great care, will organize everything from packing to unloading, and they know the proper way to move boxes. Moving companies knows how to manage their time wisely. Plus, they will constantly be connecting and communicating with you while the moving is ongoing. They will not leave until all your items have been sorted and organized.

Final Thoughts

Moving to a new home is an exciting thought but the process of it is not. You have to consider a lot of things such as money, time and energy. Do not fret though, there are moving companies that can help you. You might think that they can cost you a lot or they are much of a hassle but actually, it is the total opposite. Moving might be tough but moving companies are tougher and they are the best option to resort to.

The Hidden Costs of not Having your Trees Removed Professionally

Planning on removing a tree all by yourself? While that may originally seem far better than hiring a professional tree trimming service near you, it adds up to a whole lot of work, time, expenses and stress. Unless one has studied and been certified in forestry maintenance, it is unlikely that the job will be completed successfully within a reasonable time frame.

While grabbing a chainsaw, an axe and some large trash bags from the store and getting to work may seem like the way to do it, removing a tree can become more complex very quickly. Here’s just a few of the considerations you’ll need to make, all of which can end up being costly:

  • Cost of materials
  • Time off work
  • Wood hauling
  • Plan in case of injury
  • Plan in case of property damage

Paying for All You’ll Need

If you’re DIY-ing it because you think it’ll cost less in the long run than hiring professionals, there’s a high chance you’re mistaken. If you don’t have a chainsaw, picking one up from the hardware store can cost hundreds alone. Consider that expense, then add up the costs of other materials necessary, such as a ladder, protective eyewear, a hard helmet, a pair of gloves, a clipper, trash bags or rental dumpsters, fixing any damage to your lawn, and the list continues.

Work Without Pay

Unless you’re fine with spending your sick leave or vacation time working on removing a tree, then taking it upon yourself isn’t the best option. It is possible that a majority of time will need to be taken off of working at your daily job, as removing a tree isn’t something you can just do over the weekend. Only working on the removal for a few weekends in a row just isn’t ideal. With all this being noted, if you’re a parent, childcare will also still need to be in order if it’s the summer or your little ones are too young to help. Hiring professional tree trimmers may cost a bit, but it’s better to bite the bullet and work to pay it off, not work without pay and still have to pay.


It’s a safe assumption that your local trash company isn’t going to be too fond of pulling up to your house to find several large bags of leaves and branches, complete with a 30 or more foot long trunk laying in the gutter and the stump on top. You’ll have to pay to dispose of the wood properly at a dump or recycling facility. This includes the cost of gasoline for your vehicle to haul, the cost to legally transport the wood and more. If you’re going the wood chipper route, renting one can be quite pricey, even if it’s only for a day.

Injury Insurance

Accidents can happen and the worse time for them to occur is when you’re uninsured. If you’re planning a full-on tree removal using only the manpower of yourself, investing in workman’s compensation insurance is a good idea. In case you harm yourself in any way during the process, this insurance policy helps you out in case you need time off work from the injuries you sustained.

Damage Insurance

Now that we’ve covered what to do if you get hurt, what about if the tree causes some damage to nearby structures, neighboring property, etc.? The image of a giant tree falling onto your house as you yell, “Timber!” may have just popped into your head, and the truth is, that can actually happen if you’re not trained. In addition to the workman’s compensation insurance, another insurance policy should be considered that provides liability coverage in case a problem should present itself. Luck favors the prepared, and it’s better to get covered now before it’s too late.

Luck favors the prepared

Removing trees on your own is an expensive, laborious, dangerous task that ends up costing more than it would to have just hired a service of trained professionals. While at first the idea seems simple and cheaper, the cost of something going wrong can send you into debt for months, if not years to come.

How a New Roof can Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

As you know, here at Eden, we’re all about doing everything we can to turn your home into an outdoor oasis. Your home’s curb appeal isn’t just to impress the neighbors. It’s also about making you LOVE coming home and to feel good inviting your friends and family over.

This week’s article is about how a brand new roof can dramatically improve the curb appeal of your home and give your house that amazing extra WOW factor. My buddy at Fort Wayne Roofing Contractors (http://www.roofersftwayne.com) helped me put this article together.

Installing a new roof can be one of the fastest, and most profound ways to give your house an amazing starting point for the rest of your exterior design. For example, with the right color choice, pattern, and style of roof, you can really make the rest of your landscaping look stunning.

In addition to adding curb appeal, a new roof has other uses as well.


If you’re home has a repetitive problem with water leaks, a new roof can act as a great weatherproofing agent against the rain, snow and sleet. Water damage in your home’s attic can lead to thousands of dollars in repairs. If you’re having any water damage, please fix the problem ASAP.

The Dangers of Rust

Additionally, if your home has a metal roof, any rust on your roof is not good. With modern, farmhouse designs the rust color may be in, but it never looks good on a roof and will always bring down the value of your home. Also, instead of trying to repair the rust spots, it’s always better to replace your rusting roof with a new roof.

Importance of Color Choice

To get the maximum value out of a new roof, you need to pay close attention to the color you choose. By choosing the right color for your roof, you will increase the beauty of existing exterior design and will give your overall landscape design a beautiful natural look.

If you are looking for a truly unique new roof then think about choosing a color other than some typical brown, grey and black colors. Use unique modern asphalt or metal materials for roofing, use attractive colors. The right color can increase both the beauty and overall exterior design.

Other Ways to Increase Curb Appeal

Although we specialize in roof installation, we wanted to share with our readers some other ways to add curb appeal to your house:

Front door painting

By painting the front door just add some curb appeal at your house. Just provide a new colour coat of paint at your front door. Every visitors sees first when they enter into the home. Also, by the front door painting the beautiful landscape adds to curb appeal.

New Exterior Hardware

Adding new hardware to your house is another great way to increase the curb appeal of your property.

For example, changing the door knob, your mail box, and your shutters so they match can add to your homes street appeal.

New Outdoor Furniture

New outside furniture or even just pressure washing your outside can add another level of appeal to your home. However, make sure you don’t pick any kind of furniture, you want to make sure you find quality furniture that won’t fade or rust with age. Also, look for furniture that matches the overall design and look you’re going for.

Install outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting isn’t just helpful to prevent you from tripping or falling when it’s dark. Outdoor lights can also improve the curb appeal of your house. Install outdoor lighting to brightening the way to enter the house.

Add a garden

To boost the natural beauty of your house just buy some beautiful plants and some flowers. Again, find plans that match the overall design pattern you’re looking for in a property. Get them planted and be sure to water them regularly.

Add a Bird Bath

By adding a birdbath in your garden helps to increase the outer beauty of the house. Birds love bird baths and attracting beautiful birds can really make your place look great.

As you can see, there are many ways to improve your home’s curb appeal, home value, and your love of your home.


How To Maintain a Lawn

Everybody desires to have a perfect luscious lawn in their backyards to spend some quality time as a spot for a morning exercise routine, to take a stroll in the evening, for kids to play or to host a social gathering. A lawn not only gives an aesthetic appearance to make homes look beautiful but also a great source of oxygen producers that supply three times more oxygen than trees for a healthy lifestyle. Proper maintenance of lawn can be done using these fundamental methods to make your backyards stay green, rich in thick turf growth with a consistent supply of air and sunlight to keep weeds, moss and other deadly forms of grass growth, pests away all year round.

• Inspect Your Backyard Soil to Know It’s Health Status: Find out whether your backyard lawn has hard or compact soil and capable enough to grow healthy turfs of grass by doing a random self-inspection. Collect samples from areas having bare patches that show no signs of growth or having dead, decayed moss growth, and hand them over to a lawn care professional serving your locality, to perform a necessary laboratory test to determine the fertility of the soil, PH balance of the soil and various other factors for a healthy lawn.

• Seeding and Fertilizing Your Backyard to Promote Growth: Based on the laboratory reports improve PH of soil, it’s fertility and other requirements to fix bare patches and infected segments of your backyard lawn. Create holes in the lawn for seed germination and plant your seeding with premium quality grass seed or a seed mix that matches with conditions of your yard and existing grass, cover every segment of your lawn area including the bare patches and decayed portions. Fertilize your lawn with excellent varieties of nutritious fertilizer from your local gardening store. Buy an acidic fertilizer when your soil is too basic; likewise, lime treatment will fix you’re the acidic nature of your land. Fertilizing soil just twice a year will suffice. Feed cool climate type of grass during summer and vice versa, i.e., – warm ones during winter. Using adding a good soil compost will not only insulate your lawn but also provide the right dose of nutrition in an eco-friendly manner.

• Follow the right practices of Watering, Aeration, and Moving: Keep your lawn well hydrated. Deep watering the lawn early in the morning will ensure moisture content to reach the deeper parts of roots. Limit watering your lawn for just 2-3 times a week to avoid oversaturation and do not use harsh chemical water. Grasses require aeration twice a year when the soil is moist enough using spike or plug for aeration. Removing overgrown thatch would allow better oxygen, moisture, and air supply to the grasses. Move your lawn using sharp blades for a cleaner cut. Ensure to move grasses when wet at a moderate height of one third to reduce stress and move your lawn for 5 to 7 days will suffice.

Advantages Of Having A Garden

Gardening from being a source of living for few has emerged to become a hobby for most of the generations today. Gardening is a form of investment by which with proper care and monitoring can be very beneficial to health and encourage more people in the future to have a beautiful garden. Here are a few ways by which gardening can be helpful to you and your loved ones at home.

  •  Bring Nature to Your Home: Humans today not have enough time to be closer to nature these days owing to their hectic schedules that is why having a garden within the compound walls of your home can help you in many ways. You can add more greenery by building hedges, planting varieties of green plants, shrubs, trees, etc. for customizing your garden. Having a garden will not only improve the quality of wildlife by creating a small birdbath or a spot to keep food or grains to attract animals and birds to visit your home for drinking and feeding purpose but also invite visitors to drop in and develop your social life in a better way.


  • A Perfect Relaxation Spot: Having a garden at home can add a whole lot of meaningful purpose and dimension to your lifestyle. It would encourage every member in the family to de-stress themselves from the chaos of busy routine experienced at educational or business workplaces and other social environments. A lush green colourful garden would indeed serve to be a perfect spot to indulge in relaxing activities, taking in fresh air far away from the polluted concrete environment, enjoy the tunes of chirping birds and water flowing down the fountains and the fragrance from the blossomed flowers as a complete sensual retreat to the body, mind and soul.

  • Improve your Health & Lifestyle: Spending quiet moments amidst the greenery would improve your health and lifestyle to a greater extent. Sitting in a garden for at least thirty minutes is ideal to increase your Vitamin D levels especially to those who have frequent back pain complains. Enjoying your time at the yard for any leisure activities like reading a novel, practicing yoga or a walk can add many more benefits to uplift your mood, reduce stress, improve sleep and overall functioning of your mind and body health for a positive life.
  • Make Your Love For Gardening as a Hobby: Having a private garden in your home is a perfect family-friendly activity to stay active. By learning the art of gardening of growing vegetables, fruits or flowering plants with consistent efforts, dedication and patience can make the whole activity fun, exciting and an excellent way to start as a hobby.

  • Great Alternative To Grocery Shopping: Having a garden at home benefits anyone from saving money spent at a grocery store. Not only would a home garden offer many options to grow vegetables and fruits of your choice in the organic way that are free from pesticides but also cut down on the overall cost in your grocery purchase.